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Why Regenerative Agriculture?

We Need Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is the foundation of American resilience and prosperity. Of all the food that we eat, 95% is from the soil! Without healthy living soil, we have dust, desert, lack of fresh water, and life as we know it isn’t possible. It is the reason biodiversity flourishes, springs flow, and food has most of its essential nutrients. 

The Problem

Today the majority of U.S. soils are severely degraded, causing flooding, droughts, loss of biodiversity, and loss of farmer livelihoods. Our farmland is losing 5.8 tons–or more than 4 pickup trucks full–of topsoil per acre each year, at a rate 10 times faster than it is currently being replenished.  This rapid soil erosion is costing those who raise our livestock and grow our food an estimated $44 billion annually, and significantly contributing to reduced economic and ecological resilience.

The solution? the rapid & widespread
adoption of Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture rebuilds our soil

The current Farm Bill (the biggest source of funding for agricultural programs and services) does not do enough to support farmers and ranchers in the transition to regenerative agriculture.

In fact, current federal agriculture policy does more to hinder the adoption of regenerative production than to support it - this must change. By combining Indigenous knowledge, holistic management, and cutting-edge science, regenerative agriculture makes farming and ranching more profitable, improves food quality and security, and repairs land function – providing countless benefits to our planet and our people.

Simply put, “regenerative agriculture” is agriculture that regenerates our land.

Regenerative Agriculture
is the solution to our
nation's soil crisis.

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