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Priority 4: Increase Access to Healthy & Regionally Sourced Food

Target Outcomes

regenerated communities
regenerated health

Current federal nutrition programs benefit large producers and corporate retailers over small producers and local markets. By shifting purchasing power to within regional, regenerative systems, nutrition programs can increase access to fresh, healthy, grown-in-America food, while driving larger direct markets for regenerative producers. USDA’s nutrition programs, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), touch the lives of one in four Americans each year and offer a far-reaching tool to ensure equitable access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food for millions of families. The Nutrition Title (IV) receives three quarters of total Farm Bill funding, and thus is a major leverage point for driving regenerative food systems.

Summary of Policy Requests:

  1. Improve federal nutrition and food distribution programs to better support local and small-scale producers.
  2. Improve access to healthy, local food for food insecure households through federal nutrition programs.

Relates to Farm Bill Title: IV (Nutrition)

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