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Priority 3: Improve Regional Access to Infrastructure, Processing & Markets

Target Outcomes

regenerated economics
regenerated communities

The current lack of access to local processing and markets for producers is preventing a huge opportunity to increase net farm or ranch profitability and keep more food dollars inside local economies. Investing in local and regional access to infrastructure, processing and markets will help regenerative producers make new products available and meet the increasing consumer demand for their products, while reducing foreign supply chain dependence and increasing domestic food supply. Increasing access will allow more farmers to integrate regeneratively managed livestock or specialty crops into their cropping systems (building soil health and reducing reliance on chemical inputs), while improving public health and providing local food security during times of crisis.

Summary of Policy Requests:

  1. Invest in local and regional processing and distribution infrastructure (such as meat processing facilities and mills), equipment and training for successful operation. 
  2. Remove barriers to participation in local and regional markets by adjusting regulations and providing business and technical assistance to level the field for small and regenerative producers, and small processors.

Relates to Farm Bill Titles: VI (Rural Development) and X (Horticulture)